Hot Girls on Bikes and Motorcycles

Hot Girls on Bikes and Motorcycles

Girls are very crazy about driving a bike or heavy bikes and doing some nasty things during their drive which causes accidents.

A program titled college girls riding motorcycles, which is sponsored by heavy bikes and world most selling bicycle companies is presented on various TV channels in various countries including USA, UK and Canada. The objectives of the program are to help female driver students about following points.

  1. Increase their knowledge about driving heavy bikes and other motorcycles.
  2. Have more positive attitudes about choosing not to have drive or using helmets if having speed race.
  3. Have greater confidence in their ability to refuse unwanted and illegal bikes races or unprotected roads driving, to use a helping kit, and to communicate about safer road drives.
  4. Perceive fewer barriers to participate in legal bicycle or bikes racing contests.
  5. Have more accurate perceptions of their risk for doing hot or crazy sexual stuffs during drive.
  6. Communicate more with their trainers regarding safe driving issues.
  7. Use refusal and negotiation skills in unwanted situations.
  8. Reduce rough drive risk behaviors by choosing not to have complete information’s about driving on highways.

All these instructions are given in world top 10 driving training centers to learn and keep a safe driving. But some hot and sexy girls on motorcycles doing crazy stunts to impress people or their guys which causes great loss some times. So don’t try to be a hot chicks or girl like in fiction wallpapers you see over Internet or in action movies or video clips.

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Daisy Peasblossom, posted this comment on Aug 29th, 2009

Excellent points. Motor bikes can be fun to ride, but necessarily pose greater hazard than traveling by automobile.

Beth Suess, posted this comment on Aug 29th, 2009

very interesting article, thanks for sharing!

indian movies, posted this comment on Sep 7th, 2009

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